Nursery Reveal {Stage 1}

So I've had friends & family members back in Indiana, as well as some people close by who haven't gotten a chance to come over recently, begging me to put up some pictures of Belle's nursery!
So lo & behold I'm finally getting around to it!

The nursery isn't nearly finished - I call this "stage one" because we basically only have the walls painted and some curtains up, but it's still really cute and has us thinking about the fact that very soon a little baby girl will be occupying the room!

This is the view from the bedroom door, the only thing really being out of the picture is the plum colored accent wall. The shorter dresser is going to double as a changing table since it's the perfect height. The other dresser is Barry's army gear dresser - something we may move out of Belle's room if we can find space in our own bedroom. For now though I don't think Belle will mind sharing her space with daddy.

I haven't decided if we'll be keeping this chalkboard in the room or not. I have a couple canvas' I'm working on for the nursery which will probably be all I really need on the walls, so we'll probably take the chalkboard out, but for now it adds a little cuteness.

Baby girl's first book... it's seriously the cutest children's book I've read in a long time! *Thanks Kelli!*

Now you get to see the accent wall that is still sporting decor from New Year's Eve. The stars kind of go with the whole color scheme, so I'm leaving them up there until I finish the artwork for that wall. Once the crib is finished, it'll be taking it's place on this wall as well - but we've got a ways to go before that happens.

These are actually all stuffed toys of mine from years ago. They were all just chilling in a box, so I decided for at least the time being (until she's given too many other toys), that they can be hers.

I decided to set up a mirror in the room because I'm sure I'll be spending a lot of time in there and will want to make sure I don't have poop in my hair or spit up on my shirt before exiting the room. Haha. I also placed a picture of me as a baby (the fat child with a mohawk over there on the left) and one of my momma as a little one. I'll be adding one of my mom-in-law here soon to finish up the shelf.

So there ya have it! I just had my first baby shower this past weekend, so there are a few more things set up in the room now - but I'll be sure to share some more pictures of the nursery in the upcoming weeks as we continue to get it ready for lil Belle Anne!

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  1. How cute! The room looks great! And what a great idea to decorate with your baby picture, your mom's , and Angie's. Super fun! And look! It's Moo! I still have my Wem bear too. It's sitting on top of one of our dressers in our bedroom. :) Love you!


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