Here's To 2014!!!

It's January!
So ooooobviously I jotted down a few things I'd like to be doing differently.... I didn't set any lofty goals to stress myself out (I am about to have a baby & have no idea what my life will look like as a first time momma), just things I'd like to be more intentional about doing this next year of my life - habits I'd like to create to last beyond this year and into many more to come. 
I also thought I'd share some pieces of life I'm really looking forward to this coming year! Because I'm pretty pumped for 2014!!

Resolving To...
Cook more homemade meals // Be thankful // Watch less t.v. // Read more books // Create pretty things // Mail more birthday cards // Find the balance in being a momma & a wife // Master frying bacon & cooking other meats // Take more walks // Find ways to brighten strangers' days // Use the self-checkout lanes less // Be intentional in relationships // Borrow more, buy less // Learn to say "no" without guilt // Attempt to get as organized as possible before Belle's arrival // Send more handwritten letters // Worry less about things I have no control over // Fill my body with endorphins regularly // Speak kindly of others // Be better at staying in touch // Get up to see more sunrises // Pray harder // Fill up empty photo albums // Live simpler

Most Looking Forward To...
Being a stay-at-home wife, then momma // Watching my husband take on his new role at work // Continuing to love on my non-biological kiddies // Baby showers surrounded by people I love // Having a little more space added to our house // Being married to my sweetheart for FOUR years // Building new friendships // Meeting our baby Belle for the first time // Experiencing the good, bad, & ugly of breastfeeding // *Hopefully* a new Taylor Swift album // Sitting lakeside with a 4 month old who's all mine // Overcoming obstacles // Figuring out how to take care of and raise a baby // Growing a little older (hopefully wiser too) // Having meals at our dining room table // Watching Belle Anne grow faster than I can currently imagine // Filling our house with loved ones //

What do you want out of this year?
Type, Write, Jot, or Scribble them out!


  1. One of my goals is to start blogging again! I did my first post of 2014--check it out! And I LOVE your chalkboard idea! So cute!

    1. Yay! That makes me SO HAPPY! I was thinking recently that I needed to give you a hard time about blogging more because you're such a good writer! So excited you're doing it again!
      LOVE YOU

  2. Gosh, Em! You are so creative and beautiful and fun and full of love and life to share! I love you and miss you!!!


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