Currently {in January}

Proud... Of my hardworking husband! He's building an addition to the back of our house to give us some growing room (the current square footage of our house is actually smaller than most of my friends' apartments) and extra space. He's planning it all out and working so hard day in & day out all for our growing family! It looks amazing too! He's doing such a good job, I couldn't be more proud!

Thinking... All the time, about everything. Seriously, my mind never shuts off. I think about Belle and all that we have to get ready for her. I've been planning out interior design for when the addition on our house gets done and I have new rooms to put together and make feel cozy. I've been thinking about all the organizing I want to do long before Belle gets here, so I've been mapping that out on paper and in my head constantly.

Feeling... Very happy and at peace - I feel I'm becoming more of myself now that I'm at home and have time to do things without being go!go!go! all the flippin' time.

Watching... We've been watching a lot of "The Middle". If you don't know what it is, it's a sitcom about a family in Indiana and it's just really funny to both of us. I relate with a lot of the jokes, because it's all about life in the state I grew up in.

Excited... For upcoming baby showers. I have so many sweet and wonderful friends and women in my life who are planning me a few different showers and even though I loathe being the center of attention most of the time, I'm looking forward to just being able to be with these ladies.

Reading... Admittedly not a lot. I'm working through Allegiant by Veronica Roth and I have a couple books on my shelf about breastfeeding and creating a sleep pattern for your baby. When I'll start reading those I don't know, but I'm hoping to make the time to do so, very soon.

Missing... My dad and my brother. I didn't get to see them for Christmas this year because of their work schedules. This was the first year in the history of my life I didn't get to celebrate Christmas with either one of them so that's been really hard on me. I'm hoping to get both of them down here soon so I can spend some time with them.

Wondering... Why devastatingly terrible things happen to such sweet, Christ-honoring people.

Working... On meal planning and blog scheduling so that I'm in good habits and ahead of the game when Belle arrives!

Stressed... Not really about anything lately.

Wanting... To go through all of mine & Barry's clothes to see what we can get rid of. I may just do that this afternoon.

Drinking... Mint tea out the wahzoo! I've been making a gallon of it at a time and then just drinking it constantly throughout the day. It doesn't have any caffeine and because of the spearmint medley I use, it hardly requires any added sweetener so it's super healthy. I love it!

Eating... A lot of chicken. When my mom, step-dad & sister came down for Christmas we cooked up a couple whole chickens and I then picked all the meat off and froze it in little baggies. I've used it to make some yummy soups, nachos, potato topping, and several other meals. We just finished the last of it today and now I want to go out and get more because it made cooking so easy the past couple weeks. Or maybe switch it up and eat some other things. Haha.

Wishing... I could get everything in Belle's nursery ready. We've put the crib on hold right now until the addition is finished (totally understandable) and we've still got our pact to not go out and buy anything ourselves until all baby showers are over. It's just an empty girly room right now... I can't wait to put the finishing touches on it so it's all ready when she gets here!

Loving... Being a stay-at-home wife. I'm able to get so much done without feeling like a crazy woman anymore. I'm able to love on and serve more people around me because I have the energy to do so. I've also been able to start working out again which just increases my energy levels! It's been so great and I've only been doing it for a few days! Excited to keep growing into it!

So what does your life look like lately?

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  1. Ooo! These posts are so good! They tell me so much about what you're up to, and then I can do one too! So fun! I'm gonna do one on my blog now too. :) Love you! And I'm so excited for your expanding home and family!!!


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