Bumpdate 31 Weeks

Pregnancy wasn't easy on me at first, but now that I'm not puking my stomach lining up every day I absolutely adore everything about being pregnant. The bump, feeling my baby girl move and flip around, the fun clothes my momma has spoiled me with, I don't even mind being tired... it's all just amazing to me. I feel like a wide eyed kid every time I learn something new about our growing girl or see a picture of how big she probably is (there is a flippin' mini human inside my tummy - how wild is that, people?). I just think it's so cool how God designed the whole gestation process, who else could've designed something so intricately perfect? In just a couple months I'll be holding my baby... the baby I've carried within me for 9 months... I think I'm going to be a little sad to not have her so close to me all the time. Overjoyed of course to finally see her and hold her, but it's going to be strange to no longer be the only one who knows what her movements are like. Everyone else will be able to see her kick and squirm, where thus far in her life, I've been the only one who feels each flutter or jab. Sheesh... it's just crazy to think about it all. I get more excited for her arrival with each passing day and at the same time wanting to stretch these last couple months out as long as I can!

*Well, if anyone needs proof that I'm an emotional pregnant woman, see last paragraph*

Belle and I had a check-up today and the Dr once again said she's exactly where she needs to be. I gained two pounds and continue to check out being healthy and right on target with everything. We're so thankful to be having such a healthy pregnancy... that's all I have ever prayed for from the time I was in high school and started thinking about my future littles. God is blessing us so much by keeping us both healthy during this time.

Our munchkin is still just as active as ever... last night I'm pretty sure she did a full on somersault as the sudden force on my belly made me squeal aloud. She's a wiggle worm for sure. Each night I have my routine of watching her move about while Barry and I sit on the couch after dinner. She wiggles and kicks and headbutts for a couple hours before tuckering herself out. Silly girl!

Tomorrow we get to celebrate Belle with another baby shower! I'm pretty excited as I have serious baby fever lately and am still in a deal with Barry not to go shopping until March. We'll see how much longer I can hold out!

Until next week, BumpOUT!


  1. It's a precious time for sure. I want to take you baby girl clothes shopping soon!! :-)

    1. Oh I would love that Mrs Bonnie! Just let me know when!

  2. Oh, how exciting! I'm with you! - Although I don't have a clue what it's like to be pregnant, I've always thought about how bazaar it must be! There's a tiny human inside of you!!!! And I'm sure it's exciting and crazy too! So glad things are still going well! I will keep praying! :)


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