Bumpdate 30 Weeks

We've got a 30 week baby!
This pregnancy is flyyyyying by so fast, it almost makes me sad. Other than that first half where I felt like a puking zombie 24 hours a day, I love being pregnant... it's going to be so strange when Belle is no longer living inside of me.

Nothing personally new to report here except that I'm completely exhausted 50% of every day. Must be the beatings my tummy takes all day long. I wish I knew exactly how big our little girl is because she's either a chunk already or she's got some mighty force behind her tiny limbs! Most things I've read say she's only about 3lbs and the size of an eggplant. I've noticed she's developing a sleep pattern... or rather an "awake" pattern. She is all kinds of active every morning when I wake up and every evening from about 5pm,until I konk out for the night. She stays pretty calm most of the afternoon and while I'm sleeping at night (*praiseGodfromwhomallblessingsflow*).

This week Belle's brain growth is happening very rapidly, which slows down her weight gain. Red blood cells are also forming in her bone marrow and her head of hair is getting thicker. So she's doing a lot of growing... just not too much in size. Can't say I'm complaining about that - it'll be nice to feel a little less stretched out for a few days while our bodies work together to develop her in other ways. I've been told at this point she's also going to be positioning herself for birth.... good gracious!

It's crazy to think that in about 10 weeks time (good heavens - possibly less than that) we will be holding our baby girl! When I look around our house and particularly at her room, we hardly have a thing ready for her, yet she could arrive at any time!

So momma's - 
what are the best buys out there - the necessities? 
(I mean... surely you don't need everything Babies R Us suggests, right?)


  1. Carseat (of course), somewhere for baby to sleep (rock n play, bassinet, crib, with you, etc), diapers, receiving blankets, and onesies. That's about all you really have to have :)Oh, and a pump is nice to have for if you breastfeed.

    1. We're hoping to have all of that taken care of by the time she gets here :)
      Thanks so much Calista!

  2. beautiful! I was amazed, too, at how fast pregnancy seemed to go. So excited for ya'll! :)
    you totally do NOT need everything ToyRUs says you do, neither do you need all the stuff other moms/blogs say are "must haves".
    If you find something you think would really make life easier/be worth your money, you can always buys it AFTER Belle's here....or order it on Amazon....or hunt consignment shops until you find one.

    Stuff I recommend...
    1.) lots of burp rags. I just buy the "birdseye cloth diapers" from Walmart - the tri-fold ones (with the thick absorbent middle strip) are our favorites. you probably don't want to have to wash them every day, so get extra. :)
    2.) I really recommend some form of stretchy wrap for a baby carrier. These rock for little guys and gals. Main options out there are: Moby, Boba, and Baby K'tan. My personal experience is: Baby K'tan, fast and easy, but sizing is weird and it can end up being a flop as your baby sags and your back hurts. (That was my experience - so glad I got it consignment and cheaper)
    Movy vs. Boba: cousins. Boba is stretchier. General consensus is that Boba is easier to wrangle, but some people like the classic Moby because it is a little less stretchy.
    It's up to you....it's great when you can find one consignment - they can be half the price of a new one, or even cheaper! Also, see if any friends have one so you can feel it, touch it, try it on (hard with big belly) or watch them use it.
    Any way you go - I would look into these. They are so nice for keeping babies snuggly-close and happy, and you actually get something done. Maybe. They are great for taking little babies to church - Ivan would sleep through almost the entire service as a 1-2 monther, because he was so cozy and happy. :)

    If you use disposable nursing pads, I have had a great experience with Lansinoh regular nursing pads. I order them in bulk off of Amazon, and it's only $.10/pad. I don't think I've ever had leak through with them....They aren't visible beneath normal, appropriate clothing...and they have little stickies to keep them in place. I'm a fan!

    There's not a lot you "need"...there's some things that definitely make life easier/more pleasant that are worth having. And there's a lot of goofy marketing that you can just skip. ;)

    Oh, and best baby lotion? Olive oil. I add a few drops of lavender essential oil in a 3oz flip-top bottle of olive oil to have on hand. Ivan likes his little "rubdown" after a shower...he is so soft afterwards, and I don't feel bad about slathering him in mystery chemicals and letting his body absorb them.

    Keep up the good work, girlie! That baby will be here so soon and it, let me tell you....this baby deal is a beautiful, beautiful thing. :)

    alex prosser

    1. Wow! Alex thank you so much! Those are some really clever money-saving ideas! I was planning on using coconut oil for baby lotion, I hadn't thought of Olive oil! Probably much cheaper :)
      Thank you so much for the encouragement! I hope to meet your little man soon!

  3. Wow! Alex is awesome! What a blessing to have friends who have gone before (in having babies!)! I'll have to talk to you all someday! 'Cause I'm scared to death to have kids! Haha! Thanks for sharing your baby tales with us! I'm so excited to hear about how you and Belle are doing. Love you and miss you lots!


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