Bumpdate 29 Weeks

No I didn't bleach my hair.... indoor lighting just doesn't favor me. 

We had a check-up this morning and the Doc said Belle couldn't be any more perfect! Hiphiphooray! We've got a hospital tour set up and will be signing up for newborn classes (or whatever they're called) here soon.... it's quickly setting in that a baby is about to be in our lives full time :)

I read this week that my baby should be bursting with energy and boy is that spot on. I've entered into the stage of pregnancy where my sleep patterns are being affected (I'm currently writing this paragraph at 2am to prove my point) because my lil girl won't stop moving. I love feeling her every movement, but sometimes it's exhausting being punched and kicked with no let up. Watching her move my belly is my current favorite thing to do. She'll take a whack at me so hard that sometimes she'll move whatever may be resting on my belly at the time - typically my hand or a water bottle. It's amazing to say the least, knowing there is a tiny human just moving around inside of me. This week we found out that her daddy's hand immediately calms her down. I think it must be how warm Bear's hands typically are because as soon as he'll put his hands on my tummy when she's in there practicing acrobatics, she'll calm down almost instantaneously. Where as it'll take me a few solid minutes to calm her down when she's in "the moving zone".

Belle is growing faster and faster now as my appetite has proven to me. I've been having to eat a fourth meal almost every night before bed because my stomach will be growling uncontrollably. It's been hard to give in to doing that, as that is one eating habit I've spent a lot of years making sure I don't fall into. But as my sweetheart always reminds me, I'm growing a baby so it's just something I have to do. I've been making sure to make healthy choices - typically a piece of fruit or some old fashioned oatmeal and that'll tide me over until she wakes me up for breakfast. I feel like eating is my new full time job! Ha.

I've been working out consistently now for over a week - nearly every day I work out for at least 30/40 minutes. This only adds to the fact that I feel I'm constantly eating because I usually need a snack before and after each workout. Ha. Belle loves it when I workout.... it calms her down and keeps me feeling good the rest of the day, I love it! I'm hoping that will continue once she's here so I can push her in the stroller while I walk/jog & bounce her on my knee while using an exercise ball. *Fingers crossed*

Barry and I are getting really excited for our baby girl to get here. We've been talking a lot about how she's going to fit into our daily routines and all the memories we intend on making with her.... man, so exciting!

Any tips on getting more sleep when baby is kicking up a storm?

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  1. This post brings me so much joy! I'm so glad that you and Belle are healthy! I'm so excited to meet her! And I can't wait to see you at your baby shower! Love you, Em!


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