Bumpdate 28 Weeks

Our sweet little girl just keeps growing and growing. She's weighing a little over 2 lbs now and boy can I ever tell! I've been experiencing daily struggles in doing anything that requires my bending over the belly - zipping my boots up, shaving my legs, putting on socks (all of these things I have to do sitting down now because if not I topple over). The other day I leaned over on the couch to snuggle with Barry and completely flopped over because my belly put me off balance.... I felt like a flippin' seal or one of those little swaying toys that has a big middle. It was pretty funny, I'm lucky to be married to someone that will keep me laughing about such things than getting weirded out by it. This week I also found that I can no longer wear any of my tops that aren't maternity or else the bottom of my midriff shows and I look ridiculous. My belly button is also starting to pop out - it's about half way to becoming an "outie".  I'm waiting for the stretch marks to appear, because so far I've been blessed to not have any yet... but I'm sure a few will pop up by the time she greets the world.
All signs of Belle getting bigger and stronger, which I'm ok with! It feels like the strength of her kicks just increase by the day - she loves kicking/punching both sides of my belly at the same time, her way of letting me know she's long enough to do that.
I've also been experiencing some Braxton Hicks contractions almost every day... it's never for long, but it sure is weird. Definitely a reality check to realize I'm far enough along for that to be normal and know that here soon I'll be experiencing the real thing!

This coming week I'm excited to get into a workout routine again! Now being a stay-at-home wifey I'm hoping to have the energy to get my heart pumping for at least a half hour each day and strengthen some muscles that have been suffering neglect since I got pregnant. I also plan on making steps toward better sleep habits to better help me with my energy levels.

So pregos, what are some of the exercises that make/made you feel your best?

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  1. Awe, Belle is getting so big! Soooo excited for you! See you at your Indy baby shower, if not before! Love you, sweet friend!


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