Bumpdate 27 Weeks

Belle and I are still in a slight food coma (in case my lazy eye isn't giving it away) after all the indulgence yesterday!
We've had a great week - being on Christmas vacation, baking lots of goodies, getting Belle's room more in order, sleeping in and listening to want Belle wants has been helping my energy levels stay up & my attitude stay more positive.

This week we officially entered into the third trimester! Woohoo!
Baby girl is chunking out at about two pounds now and is starting to get cramped in there. The amniotic fluid has decreased a little now, which means I get to feel more and more movement. Our little Belle Anne has made her favorite nesting place directly on top of my bladder... from what I can tell, she nuzzles in as low as she possibly can, as often as she can. Silly girl.

I found out that I passed my glucose test! YAY! So that's a worry off my shoulders. Other than being unusually tired (probably from the mass amount of feasting) I've been feeling pretty good! This week I've finally put Belle's belonging back in somewhat order after painting the room. Now we just need to get her crib finished and placed and we'll be ready to start stocking the room with baby stuff!

Hope you all get to enjoy some Christmas vacationing :)

Happy Holidaying!


  1. You look so great. Like all the time!

  2. Wahoo! Sounds exciting and full of joy! So happy for you guys! :D


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