Bumpdate 26 Weeks

Today my sweet husband/weekly photographer thought showing ya'll one of the nursery wall colors would be a good idea for a backdrop, and I must say I agree! I'm pretty obsessed with the one plum colored wall in Belle's nursery.... I would've painted the whole nursery this color, but thought it would just be too dark - so the rest of the nursery is light pink. We love it!

Today I had my gestational diabetes test with the doctor. All I can say is GROSS! That sugar thick fruit punch was dis-gusto ya'll! Belle tried to remain calm throughout my next hour of nausea. She continues to be a trooper! I'll get the blood results back in a few days or so... I'm thinking everything is ok because other than a bit of a stomach ache, I didn't feel too funny. I also got a shot of Rhogam in the butt today, just in case Belle and I aren't RH compatible. So that was fun. Ha.
All my vitals looked good and nurse was pleased that I had gained some weight finally! Six whoppin' pounds since my appointment last month! Putting me just over my pre-pregnancy weight (finally gained the weight Belle made me throw up in the beginning!). I've decided I'm pretty happy that I'm just gaining what I need to.... no longer worried about it because after Belle pops out I will be a lot happier with myself.

This week has been a pretty good week.... stressful and exhausting at first, due to the business of work last weekend, but since then Belle has just been wearing me out the normal amount as she grows and grows!
She's nearly a pound an a half at this point (so tiny, but SO big at the same time!). This week was the first time she's got enough power behind her feet to kick me hard enough for me to SEE it on the outside! One night after dinner I watched her move around and try to get comfortable for about 5 minutes! It was SO COOL! It made it that much more real that there is a tiny human in my belly right now!
Her lungs should be fully developed at this point and her eyes are ready to see the world! Her skin is wrinkly and loose and ready to start filling with fat (haha). Her immune system including the lymph nodes and spleen are rapidly developing right now... my biggest hope regarding that, is that she gets more of her Daddy's immune system than mine!

So all in all, it's been a really good week! We're going to schedule visiting our hospital, look into classes and start looking for a pediatrician.... all stuff that I'm also really excited about!

Any good pediatrician recommendations here in Nashville?  

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  1. Wahoo! Little Belle is getting so big and growing so well! I'm so glad! :) And you look absolutely gorgeous, as always! Love you, friend!


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