Bumpdate 25 Weeks

*Ugly Sweater Day*

25 Weekaroos folks! Sheesh maneesh, it's going by pretty quickly! Here soon I'll only have three more months and BAM - baby in arms!

This week has been a bit of a doozy. My usual cooperative baby hasn't been the greatest at letting me sleep the past few days. I think my body is just pumping on adrenaline for Cottage Cove's upcoming Christmas Store on Saturday, so sleeping at night has become a bit harder. I pass out and then wake up in the middle of the night ready to go! I did yoga stretches one morning around 4am because I couldn't get back to sleep! Ha! I've also got some kind of sinus head cold thing going on as of yesterday (yay for working with munchkins during flu season!) which definitely didn't help the sleeping issue at all.

Our lil' Belle is a moving and a grooving these days! Kicking, punching, sometimes what feels like squeezing even. No complaints here - I adore it! Every once in a while it'll be uncomfortable but looking at it from her side of things, I would be going stir crazy in a soccer ball sized space too!

I read that around this time, Belle's memory is beginning to develop... so all the voices & different sounds she hears are leaving impressions in her brain now! She is only about a pound and a half at this time even though sometimes it feel like I have a bowling ball pressing down on me! Getting skinny jeans on & off is now a daily struggle due to the growing belly, but thank the good Lord that leggings exist and I live in the South where wearing them in the winter months is (most of the time) perfectly acceptable!

Until next time, BUMP OUT.

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  1. Look at you, friend! You're so beautiful! And even with the hiccups this week, you and Belle are doing so well! So excited! 3 more months! Love ya!


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