Bumpdate 24 Weeks

This week Belle has definitely been showing off her strength! She's been kicking and punching up a storm every evening and a lot of mornings. She's pretty calm throughout the work day though, which is nice. Last night Barry actually felt her for the first time!!!! [YAY!]

Baby girl and I have been having trouble sleeping the past few days, but we're up a couple more pounds so we're not complaining... too much ;) I'm loving all my pretty, stretchy new tops from my mom. They definitely help Belle and I be a lot more comfortable when we have to be out and about! I'm also really excited because I've finally found a pre-natal vitamin that doesn't cause me to throw up every other time I take it! I broke down and bought the gummy kind.... so they taste more like candy than anything, but there is actually no sugar in the ones I found, so I still feel good about them. I've started having all the fun consistent aches in my lower back and shoulders from all the extra weight on my front. As soon as we go on Christmas break I plan to go get a massage -possibly every day! Haha.

I read that this week Belle's hair color is starting to turn to the color she'll have out of the womb - so that's pretty cool! I'm oh so curious about her features... who she'll look like, how much hair she'll have right off, if she's going to be a chunker or a tiny lil thing. It's going to be so fun when she's in our arms and we get to see all that! Otherwise our sweet lil' Belle is just growing... nothing too much going on with her right now!

So what's the best way to ease the back & shoulder pains, ladies?


  1. Go girls, go! :)
    My advice: husband back massage = free therapy. ;)
    Don't rule out a chiropractor too, even after she's born. That's really helped me with some lingering pain after Ivan was born. Also, the way you sleep can affect your comfort level during the day. I slept mostly on my left side with a pillow between my knees....helpful for me. Hope you can find some relief! Hot showers are nice too. ;)
    alex prosser

  2. Definitely invest in a body pillow to help you sleep. A birthing ball/exercise ball is also really good for helping you sit in a comfortable position for your lower back. I have one you can borrow if you want.

  3. Belle will look like you of course! And she'll be just as beautiful too!!! I can't wait to meet her! :D Love you both!


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