The Big Reveal

~Belle Anne MacDonald~

We are SO SO SO excited to announce that we're having a BABY GIRL!!!!! It's been quite a surprise to not only us but both families! We really expected to have a boy due to the fact that my dad's side of the family is pretty boy heavy and a baby girl hasn't been born into the MacDonald family in over 50 years. I actually learned last night that generally only one girl per generation will born into the family - so maybe we're the lucky ones who get the only girl this time around! Woohoo! It's going to be all the grandparents first granddaughter and the first niece of either family too! Keeping her from being spoiled is going to be a hard job for Barry and I!

It's been fun to switch gears into thinking about girly stuff and talking about raising a little girl as opposed to a boy. The nursery is going to be shades of purples / plums and touches of turquoise! Her crib is just about ready and I've already gone to the store and picked out the first additions to her wardrobe!
I'm really excited to see Barry be a dad to a little girl. He is going to be such a protective daddy and my heart is probably going to melt every day watching the two of them together! It's going to be funny for me because I'm not a super girly-girl and it'll be just my luck if little Belle ends up to be that way. Haha.
Either way we're both really excited to be blessed with a so-far healthy, bouncing baby girl!

Get ready world! Belle MacDonald is coming for ya!


  1. She's going to be a beautiful little lady. :-)

  2. So happy to be the 'girl' whose reign Belle will finally be ending on the MacDonald side! I've never been much of a girly girl so Belle may not be either. But, as with most things, time will tell :). Thrilled for all three of you!!!! xo

  3. Oh, it's just so exciting! I can't wait to meet Belle! And I had such a great time taking this picture and going baby stuff browsing with you that gender reveal weekend! I love you, friend!!!! And I love you, Belle!


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