November Goals

Read A Book... I've got one all ready for readin' - Allegiant by Veroncia Roth. Now I just have to make the time to sit down and crack it open.

Go Hiking... Or at least for a brisk walk in a fall colored park. I've spent most of fall so far sick and indoors and I'm ready to get outside and enjoy the fall colors!

Baby Registries... We have a couple different places we'd like to register and since we find out what we're having this month I'd like to get registered at at least one place. Plus I'm dying to look at baby stuff.

Start Christmas Shopping... I've been trying to get out there and get into it, but have yet to actually do so. I'd just really like to get a head start on it this year so that it's done by the Christmas season.

Complete Gratitude 30... I'm doing a photo a day of things I'm grateful for on Instagram this month. Follow me at @emilynmacd and maybe join in on the fun too!

Workout for 15min, 3X a Week... This is the smallest workout goal I've ever made, so I'm going to be really depressed if I can't meet it. Haha.

What are your goals for the month?

1 comment:

  1. I just love you! You are so beautiful and inspiring and creative! I have to try really hard not to be jealous of you!


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