Lately I've been thankful for

Open Roads at sunset / Golden sunlit leaves / Driving with the windows down / Music that immediately brings back memories / Dreaming with my husband / Sleepytime tea & cozy blankets / A growing belly & baby / Mornings without alarms / Crunchy leaves & warm boots / Messy braids & denim shirts / Feeling healthy & getting kisses / Handwritten letters & encouraging words

Cheers to practicing thankfulness!

1 comment:

  1. Warm fuzzies are awesome, aren't they!?

    This week, my joy abounding is ...
    I get to see YOU!
    Blessings by Laura's Story on the radio today ... that song always makes me want to cry, it is so good!
    A day off with my Darrell tomorrow before I come see you!
    Cuddling with my hubby
    Being filled with thankfulness at all of our many blessings


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