Drinking ... Lots of homemade Cranberry Lemonade. My mom brought me a jug of cranberry juice and some organic lemon juice last weekend to help cleanse the virus out. So I've been mixing a little of each into my tea jug and sipping on it all day. I've also been drinking my Fast Asleep Tea before bed each night and that helps keep me and baby asleep all night long.
Planning ... I've been doing a lot of planning for baby lately. Planning for the nursery, planning for names, planning for how to make room in the house for a baby, having lots of conversations with the husband about how we're planning on raising the baby. It's fun... I'm a planner, so I love it. I've also been doing a lot of holiday planning... I'm so excited for the upcoming holidays!
Liking ... The new maternity clothes my mom got me this week. I didn't have a whole lot of "new-to-me" things for my growing belly, so it was fun to get to online shop with my mom and have a bunch of pretty clothes delivered to me this week!
Cooking ... I made sausage gravy & biscuits for the first time yesterday and am devouring the leftovers today. I didn't really follow a recipe - my mom told me the basics and I added a few extra spices & flavors I thought would help and daaaang was it good. The baby has been having a weird sausage craving for a few weeks now (something I would never usually eat) so I had to whip something up. Biscuits & Gravy brings back childhood memories of Saturday mornings at my grandparents for me... so it's even more of a perfect meal.

What are you up to Currently? Hmmm? Hmmm?

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  1. Wow! You ate sausage!? Haha! .... Cool! .... Biscuits and Gravy are yummy!


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