Bumpdate 22 weeks

Little nugget was on the big screen again this week! We went in for the "BIG" ultrasound where they look at all the organs, the brain and skeletal structure and check to see if it's a boy or girl! It was so wild to see baby looking like a fully formed baby (minus body fat, because it has none). Seeing it's spine, skull and ribs was crazy to Bear and I because we had never seen anything like it.
Before you go crazy - we had our ultrasound tech check whether it was a boy or girl and write it on a piece of paper to put in a sealed envelope. Our tech said our baby is very modest and wasn't flaunting anything, but that the sex was clear. Barry had a hard time looking away from that screen when she told us to! We're doing a gender reveal for our family and close friends tomorrow night! So that envelope is now in the hands of one person who is baking cake pops to reveal the gender tomorrow night. We.Can.Hardly.Stand.It.
Otherwise our Doc said our little baby was looking perfect - measured exactly where it needed to be (only about 12 oz) and that I seemed to be perfectly healthy (I worry too much). Our next appt is shortly before Christmas and involves the dreaded gestational diabetes test. I'm only worried because blood sugar problems of every kind run in my blood on both sides and I had hypoglycemia in high school and of course giving someone a pint of glucose is going to cause them to spike and crash. I've been super conscious of what I've been eating this whole time - and especially with sugar. It's just going to be very upsetting if I end up having it. But that's just me worrying again.
Baby and I are healthy and that's all that matters right now.

This week has been full of changes. My belly has become really heavy and therefore makes it difficult to move around with ease. I find myself being very self conscious of how I'm bending down or lowering myself to sit or even trying to push myself to get up because it feels like a small bowling ball is attached to my body and it throws me off. I've also been sleeping deeper when I am finally comfortable which has it's perks and downsides - not getting up five times a night to pee, but when I finally wake up it's because my bladder is about to burst. This week has also brought indigestion back at night... so dinnertime meals and activities are hard for me. I think it's probably because I'm at my hungriest and instead of just eating a small meal like I do constantly throughout the day, I end up eating an average size meal. Baby has been making it quite clear that it'll have none of that. So I'm having to change my game plan in that area... haha.

In other news... I probably won't be able to wait until Thanksgiving to share the announcement of what we're having - so check back on the blog this weekend to find out if baby is a He or a She!

Until then... Bump Out!

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  1. You and baby are HEALTHY!!! So grateful for that! Can't wait to see you tomorrow, and I'm so thankful I get to be at the revealing party. I just can't wait to share in your joy. Love you, friend!


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