Bumpdate 21 Weeks

This week has been a doozy. Baby has been great - we're finally on the same pageish about sleeping patterns. Baby gets all wiggly and squirmy right before I go to bed - just like me before I go to bed and then it usually gets comfortable between 10/11pm. Baby has been letting me sleep pretty soundly until about 5/6am most days and then puts up with me staying in bed another couple hours. Baby has also been kicking me a lot more which tells me it's getting stronger and ready to bust outta there!
We had a pretty rough week as far as resting goes because it was one of the busiest weeks of the year at Cottage Cove. Yesterday was a 15 hour work day where I hardly got to rest. Our little munchkin was a champ all day and pushed through all the craziness. Today we're not so happy as we're having some trouble getting food and water down, but I think my body is just in shock from so much yesterday.

Nugget and I are looking forward to a couple breather weeks before the other biggest/longest day of the year for me at work. We plan on filling it with friends and Christmas decorating and lots of holiday food! We're going to try and fatten the kid up a bit! 

This next week brings all kinds of exciting things! We have our big ultrasound where we get to watch baby move around and do it's thing on the screen all morning while we make sure everything is looking good and growing right and our ultrasound tech is going to see if it's a boy or girl. Pray everything with baby is perfect and that I'm healthy!
We're going to do the fun & cheesy gender reveal party later in the week with a few close friends and family, so I probably won't have the announcement in next week's Bumpdate, but if you're patient and can wait - we'll announce the name and everything on Thanksgiving! :)

Until next week!
Bump Out!

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  1. Wahoo! Exciting stuff! So glad you can sleep ... for the most part. And it sounds like the baby is excited and rarin' to go! So thankful and excited for that!


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