Bumpdate 20 Weeks

We are HALF WAY there already! How in the world did that happen? The first half went by so quickly, I can only imagine how quickly the second half will! We have names picked out in preparation for our fast approaching ultrasound to determine gender. I've got dates picked out to work on the nursery. It's getting more exciting all of the sudden because we're half way there!!!

This week we entered a full on growth spurt for baby and therefore my belly too! My belly has gotten incredibly tight and heavy almost overnight. I can't bend over as easy, I can't even sit as casually. I have to constantly be thinking of the belly. Earlier this week I was bending over my desk doing some paperwork and the baby decided it didn't like that at all so it gave me a pretty harsh jab towards my ribs. Whew, we've got a demanding one in there folks. My appetite has increased to where I feel like I need to slow down a little bit or I'm going to look more like a hippo than a human... the sugar distaste has also died down to where I can eat sugar - still not craving it, but the baby is tolerating it now... I've decided I liked it better when I wanted to gag at the thought of sweets.

Baby is about the size of a mango and according to my little ipod app, is developing it's sleeping patterns. I'm a little nervous about that one because this past week I've had an incredibly hard time sleeping in the morning hours and that's just not going to fly starting into this next week being one of the busiest weeks at work and then only getting busier until Christmas break. Yikes.

Is there a secret to getting your baby to sleep when you do?
(maybe a silly questions, but I thought I'd give it shot)

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  1. Half way! Dang! And I'm a few weeks behind on reading your posts! Crazyness! So glad you're feeling better and you're both healthy!


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