Lately I've been thankful for

Haircuts that make me run my fingers through my hair constantly. / Days off with nothing to do but to do what I want. / Crisp morning Autumn air. / Eating by candlelight at my picnic table. / How I Met Your Mother binge nights with my husband. / A baby that is starting to calm down & let me eat. / Florence + The Machine dance parties in my car. / Being part of a church family that prays over one another. / My dad's weird sense of humor. / Strangers who genuinely want to know if you're doing ok.

Cheers to practicing thankfulness!


  1. I love being thankful ... I've been practicing thankfulness in my everyday life, and it has totally transformed my perspective! I will post a "Thankful Joy" post as well! That's where you can find what I'm thankful about too. Love you! :)

    1. It's definitely life altering when you consistently choose thankfulness & contentment! I look forward to seeing your post pop up on my feed :)


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