My husband surprised me for our anniversary this year (while he was overseas) with one of the best gifts I've ever received! He teased me about his surprise for weeks leading up to the big day. He sent me a card two weeks early that had "Don't open until February 13th" written on it (talk about torture). When the 13th finally rolled around I ripped open that card as soon as I opened my eyes that morning only to find a sweet Hallmark card with Bear's handwriting telling me to facetime him as soon as I got to work. WHHHHHAAT?! After I got a hold of him he proceeded to taunt me even more, before finally sending me a email that held tickets to see TAYLOR SWIFT on her RED tour in Chicago! I was beside myself! Those who know me know I'm pretty much in love with T-Swift and I'm shameless about it! As the months rolled on I just got more and more excited. Once August finally got here and we had just found out that we were pregnant I was just that much more excited about life!!!

one of the cutest couples around!

Part of the gift was getting to spend time in Chicago with our friends Micah and Allison who also went to the concert with us. It was so good to spend time catching up and walking around Chicago. We also visited the only museum I've ever enjoyed - The Museum of Science & Industry. If you ever get the chance to go there, you should! It's got some incredible exhibits!

making his own tornado!

One of my favorite exhibits! 
Other than a visit from afternoon sickness, baby behaved most of the day and the whole night we were at the concert which was a complete answer to prayer and just proves that even baby loves T-Swizzle! Seriously though - it was amazing! It was sold out to 50,000 people! INSANE!

We got there plenty early and were so thrilled when we saw just how close we were!

Ed Sheeran was incredible!

Waiting for Taylor!!!!!!!!!
Look at how close we were! We couldn't believe it! 


Taylor & Ed doing their thing


The craziest finale you've ever seen!
The show was phenomenal.... The thousands of pictures I just threw at you don't even begin to do it justice! The whole set up was incredible! There were ballerinas and musical entertainment between each of her songs and each song was quite the performance. The costumes and outfits everyone wore were amazing and each went with the theme of the the song being sung. I've never had more fun or been more excited in my life!! The energy from the crowd, the whole atmosphere was so overwhelmingly good that I couldn't stop smiling and jumping and singing along!
Barry and I have discussed making this a tradition - every Taylor Swift Tour, we're going to be there!

What's one of your best experiences? 


  1. Today someone at Kroger asked if I were Taylor Swift. I laughed and wondered if she would ever stop by the Donelson Kroger and pick up stuff to make a lasagna... :P

    1. Haha, That would be a surprising place to find her for sure - but you do have the curls girl!

  2. What fun! It was fun to hear about it at Jared and Maggie's ... and fun to hear about it here on your blog! So glad you got to go! That sounds like a blast!!! :) Some of my favorite experiences are ... trips with my Darrell ... taking lots of pictures in the park with you! ... hanging out with my SoZo-ers. God is so good!


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