ROC Race

Barry, Kyle, Jordan, & Josh - Team Ninja Tsunami (minus Rick)

All five of them (in the back on the left) getting warmed up

Barry running across the wrecking ball obstacle

Barry & Kyle running at lightening speed

Barry finishing the race


So proud of him!

Barry & Kyle

The whole team struttin' their stuff.

Barry and I are big believers of spending money on experiences rather than things. There is a time and place for buying things for the house or splurging on fun stuff or whatever... but most of the time we can't justify it to ourselves - so I buy most of our stuff secondhand or find it for free. Although I'll be the first to tell you we have the biggest ass tv mounted on our wall right now and we definitely bought it - but it was after careful saving for a couple years and paying off a ton of debt... so you know.
All of this to say.... we find we never regret spending money on something that we'll remember for years to come. We've gone Zorbing & Ziplining and made long 8 hour road trips to Chicago to see the city or to see Taylor Swift do her thing.
Our most recent "experience" was a 5K that Barry and his friends signed up for as Team Ninja Tsunami. They did the Ridiculous Obstacle Course last month here in Nashville at the fairgrounds. My friend Amanda (who's husband was part of the team) and I in our pregnant state cheered them on and kept up on the sidelines the best we could. We were both pretty jealous of all the fun they were having on the obstacles, so we decided next time the race comes to Nashville and we're both not pregnant that we're going to run it!
We got up at the crack of dawn that morning from a comfy hotel room bed. Barry had surprised me with a getaway weekend north of home in a fancy hotel for my birthday. So we had a yummy breakfast and headed out to the race! The fairgrounds were packed with people dressed in the most ridiculous and outrageous costumes I've ever seen, but it made for a fun atmosphere. It took a little while for the guys team to be able to start, but once they did, it seemed like no time at all before they finished. We celebrated with burgers from Gabby's before parting ways.
It was something I won't forget getting to watch and something I'm sure Barry won't forget doing!

What's something you'll never regret spending money on?

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  1. That sounds like a blast! I love hearing about all your adventures!!!


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