Oil Scrubbing with Coconut Oil

It's been a long while since I've shared a cleaning tip with ya'll!
Well I have one that I think some of you might find handy!

We've been doing what we can with the future nursery a little bit at a time and one of those things was making sure we have a dresser and a changing table. Luckily we have both in the form of one dresser that we use for storage right now.

It's the perfect piece of furniture for the job and it's beautiful - unfortunately it had a few pretty bad stains, from makeup & hairspray buildup over the years, on top of the dresser that in the past I could never get off. I had used multiple cleaners and wood oils and even scrubbed it with rough sponges and nothing would take the hazy white stains off, so I gave up.
When we decided to use it for baby though I thought I'd take one more shot at it. I decided to give coconut oil a try, so I simply grabbed a spoonful and a rag and started scrubbing at it.

Within seconds the stain wiped away and the wood peaked through again. It only took a couple spoonfuls of coconut oil to wipe the whole dresser top down and scrub through the funk. I couldn't believe how easy it was and it made the wood look beautiful!

Bright & shiny (minus the lighting glare)

What's cleaning product has surprised you recently?


  1. I did not know you could clean with coconut oil! cool :)

    1. Oh man! There are tons of things you can use coconut oil for.... I just keep finding more and more!

  2. Great idea for coconut oil thanks

  3. How cool! Who knew? ... I can't really share a cool cleaning story 'cause I never do heavy-duty cleaning like that. Perhaps when I start having babies I'll be a little more thorough in my cleaning. Haha!


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