Dreading... Nothing that I can think of really. Life is pretty good right now. Although as of this morning I'm dreading how long this head cold will last. My head literally feels like a balloon about to pop. Yuck.

Anticipating... Thanksgiving. I'm just super excited that I will have a major excuse to eat as much food as I want AND you know I'll be rockin' my maternity pants so I can stretch all the way out. Haha.

Thankful... For so much. Everyday I'm reminded how lucky I am for such an incredible husband who loves me and gives me so much. I'm thankful for family & friends who are supporting us through this pregnancy and who I know will be there for us when we need a break from a newborn. For a happy, cheery working crew & kids who make my job easy (most of the time).

Watching... At this very moment I'm watching Monk reruns on ION TV. Otherwise we are keeping up with How I Met Your Mother and watching through the Gilmore Girls. We really like TV shows... we probably watch way too much.

Choosing... These days I find myself having to choose all of the time. As one of the most indecisive people in the world I usually let other people make decisions - I actually prefer when others make decisions. But now being pregnant everyone looks at me to make the decision. Choosing where to eat, what to do, where to go. AHH.

What are YOU doing Currently? 


  1. Replies
    1. Haha totally on accident... I was clumsy and dropped the apple and then saw it as a picture opportunity. :)

  2. What fun!
    What am I doing currently? ... Missing you!
    Love ya!


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