I'm in love with mah new haircut!

Learning... How to best take care of myself while pregnant. Making sure I'm keeping myself healthy and not putting off pampering myself every once in a while. Today I went and got my hair cut & styled and it started my day off great! Eating a balanced breakfast everyday is something I used to think I had a handle on but I'm learning I didn't. Learning how to keep my body happy and balanced while it's growing a tiny human... which leads into...

Growing... A baby! I won't say too much more on this since I blog about what's going on with baby and I each Thursday on my "Bumpdate" posts : )

Buying... Shoes! I got a new pair of fall boots and fall flats with some birthday money from my dad. I can't wait for Nashville to get the hint and have the weather cool down so I can wear them.

Loving... My husband's new haircut. I've been hinting at him buzzing his hair for a while now... and it happened by accident when he was getting it cut last week. I loooooove it. I think it looks so good on him ;)

Wishing... I knew who the mother on How I Met Your Mother was. We've been watching season 8 constantly this week trying to catch up, so we can watch the final season while it's on tv! I'm dying to know who it is. It's driving me crazy! 


  1. Your new hair cut looks amazing ... but then again, you always do! You are the most beautiful woman in the world! :)


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