Bumpdate 19 Weeks

Happy Halloween ya'll!
Nugget and I are very happy to enter into November as it means lil baby is going to start getting really big, pretty fast and Mommy & Daddy get to find out if baby is a boy or girl! WoopWoop!

Although I'm only about 80% healthy, baby has been very happy that I can swallow again and get some food down. I've been trying to bulk up on extra protein the past couple days to make up for the couple days I could only drink liquids. Our little munchkin is about the size of a grapefruit (or softball) and now able to make intricate facial expressions... which means when I say "baby is happy", it's probably in there *literally* smiling about the yummy burrito I just ate! That just makes me smile thinking about it! I can't wait to see my baby's sweet smile and kiss it's cute lil' baby lips! I also read that our munckin is only awake for about 6 hours of the day.... lucky for me I think it's gotten on board with my sleep pattern finally - although once in the middle of the night I'm usually prompted from bed with a grumbling stomach to feed our demanding little one a snack. Our munchkin gave me a loving surprise this past weekend when I was feeling anxious as to whether baby was ok - it kicked me! Just once and it hasn't done it since... but I had my hand on my belly at the time while I was praying to stop fearing the worst and baby just kicked my hand. It couldn't have been better timed for that first kick!

For me I'm just loving not being sick from our nugget.... I think nugget and I have finally found our groove and it feels like we're working in synch. Although I still may not agree with some of it's food preferences.... but as soon as it's out here in the real world, I plan to make it start eating spinach & strawberries & onions asap. Baby gets what baby wants for now though.
Otherwise the only discomfort I'm having is back pain.... there are a lot of things growing on one side of my body and nothing growing on the backside so I'm a little lopsided these days. Once I'm all better from the virus I have I plan on getting back into a fitness routine.... cause honestly I miss it and I know it'll be good for me and baby to be sweating and building muscle again.... especially back muscle. I just feel unsure of what exercises I can and can't do. I like pushing myself as much as possible when I'm working out - I always get bored otherwise, so I think I'm a little nervous to try something lower impact because mentally I'll feel I'm not doing anything. Hmmm... I'll have to work on it.

What are some fun exercises/workouts to do while pregnant when you don't have access to a gym?


  1. there were a couple of stretches/yoga poses I did religiously to help relieve back pain and stretch my hips. I'm pretty sure they were the cat stretch and child's pose. Child's pose especially helped relieve back pain!

  2. You are so incredibly beautiful, friend! I love hearing how the baby is growing. So glad things are going well. Love you!


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