Bumpdate 18 weeks

Bumpdate is late and without a side view this week because poor baby and I have been sick all week. I caught a cold from staying out in the chilly weather late at night last weekend and then that cold turned into a "bacterial sinus infection" complete with a fever that lasted two days and I'm still blowing my brains out at this point. I haven't hardly left my couch going on three days. Poor baby has been great through the whole thing even through my loss of appetite. Baby is a trooper for sure.

Before the fever and loss of appetite I had my first big prego cravings over the past week. I can't get enough red wine vinegar on my salads and afterwards I just slurp up the rest. I also am eating boiled eggs just about every day for breakfast or snacks. I can't get enough of either taste. It's weird.

Our nugget is about the size of a large pear this week and as you can see from the picture my bump has definitely expanded, to where when looking down without bending my neck very much only a little of my feet can be seen. Munchkin is about to go through a huge growth spurt over the next month where it's weight will increase about six fold.... I'm looking forward to that and feeling more movement from it.

Anyone else get really sick while pregnant? What did you find was the best way to kick it out of town?

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  1. So excited to see your bump in person soon! Love you!!!


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