Bumpdate 17 Weeks

Sorry for the delay this week ya'll! I was out for 13 hours yesterday so I didn't have a spare moment to get this up.

This week we had a check up at the doctor just to make sure everything was good - we didn't get to do an ultrasound, but our doctor always lets us hear the heartbeat and boy was it strong and steady. My doctor put my mind at ease about my lack of weight gain (somehow according to their scale I haven't gained a single pound) and told me as long as I'm eating enough and keeping it down that the weight should start piling on soon enough. That was nice to hear, seeing as almost everyone I know has been commenting on how I seem to be losing weight and wondering if I'm eating enough (trust me - I AM).

Little nugget is about the size of an apple or orange now and is giving me lots of butterflies lately. Still waiting on feeling defined movements but baby is definitely getting big enough that I know when it's active.

With our munchkin's growth, my belly & boobs have certainly expanded to the point where even though I know none of it's fat at this point I still feel a bit like a whale. It's just weird... like I'm not gaining weight but I catch glimpses of myself from certain angles and just feel like I'm a fattie. Don't worry I know deep down it's not true... but watching your body just grow and grow and you can't do anything to stop it is just a very strange thing to have to deal with emotionally. Luckily I have a husband and friends who help me combat my growing body's self esteem hits!

I'm sleeping a lot better... I've started making sure I'm hydrated before and during the night and somehow because of that the baby doesn't wake me up in the morning. My potent chamomile blend tea is probably helping a lot as well (PRAISE GOD).
I also have felt more and more like myself with each passing day lately. I feel more human and less like a zombie. That's been really encouraging just in general, but especially as I'm finding I can do less and less of the physical activities I like to do - like play games that involve running or potential tackling/ball hitting with my kids at the Cove. Again a very strange thing to work through emotionally just because I like doing what I like to do and after almost a year of being Miss Independent it's just been a little difficult having to ask for help to do things a few months ago I was perfectly capable & happy to be doing on my own.

It really has been a great week - I'm doing great physically even if I'm having to work through some mental & emotional issues. I'm so lucky to have a husband who listens and helps me each day and friends who sympathize and empathize and don't judge me for being a crazy person some days.

So prego women, have you had these kinds of feelings or am I the only one?


  1. Glad to hear that you are feeling on the "up and up"! It sure is refreshing to get beyond the zombie stage. :)
    In answer to your closing question:
    YES. Ask my husband. ;)
    Pregnancy+me = emotional capacity of an 8 year old. Little things put me over the edge in tears! Oh well, we all made it through and I think my sanity is slightly returning. now I'm just sleep deprived. Just stay focused on what's REALLY important - God will give grace (and humor) for the daily emotional trip. :)
    Alex Prosser

    1. Thanks Alex... I'm glad to know I'm normal in that. Those emotions... whew buddy. They are crazy some days. Thanks for the encouragement :)

  2. I had lots of crying spells when I was pregnant. I also didn't gain much weight until after my third trimester-so you still have plenty of time! Don't worry, you look great :)

    1. That's good to hear - almost everyone I've talked to tells me they had already started gaining weight by this point, so I'm glad to know I'm not alone. Thanks for the encouraging words!

  3. So glad things are getting better! And wow, do you look beautiful! You are the most beautiful prego lady ever!!! Love you, dear friend!


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