Pssst.... Guess What?!?!?!?!

So I've got a secret to share with the online world! It's monumental, life changing, super exciting, crazy big news!!!! So big, I don't know how we've waited two whole months to tell ya'll!!

After a couple months of only our family, our closest friends and admittedly a few strangers and acquaintances that the sight of my belly bump couldn't hide it from......
I'm excited to publicly announce that WE'RE PREGNANT with our first lil' baby nugget!!!!!!!!!!

Our two inch little nugget!

We found out about our nugget at the beginning of August when, after being sick for a couple weeks with no cure, a friend told me that I was most likely preggers. Later that night I went through more than one box of pregnancy tests and sure enough several little pink lines was proof enough to convince me. Barry was immediately high as a kite with happiness when I finally showed him the multiple tests. Once my shock wore off I joined him in being utterly and ridiculously excited! I couldn't stop smiling for a couple days until the morning sickness caught back up with me again. 

We're SO HAPPY. I'm growing a tiny human - OUR tiny human. 

We found an amazing doctor who is everything we prayed for - who gave us an ultrasound on the first visit and showed us everything was perfect! Our baby was a little over an inch then (3 weeks ago) and we got to see it's little heart flutter.

Today was our 12 week appointment (holy cow) where we got to hear the heartbeat! Our little nugget was moving and kicking and flipping and throwing it's arms everywhere during the whole thing. I had no idea something that is only 2 inches long could move so much! Little baby was giving us a show - that's for sure. Hearing the strong thud of it's heartbeat was so cool! I'm so thankful for the technology we have to allow us to see and hear our baby already! Whew, all Barry and I could think was as soon as that baby gets big enough I'm going to be feeling it kick around all the time... that's going to be so much fun!
It's amazing what such a tiny thing can do to a full grown body! The Doc says my body and baby are completely healthy in every way. We'll have some test results next week but the doctor doesn't seem concerned in the least, which is really reassuring.

All of the pictures from today... the top one looks exactly like a miniature alien! It was the only time the baby looked directly at the camera and it was all I could do to not laugh hysterically when it did! Those long lanky things in the middle two pictures are it's legs (not included in the two inches the nurse measured)... those suckers didn't stop wiggling and kicking the entire ultrasound! The bottom pictures shows it's strong steady heartbeat! How cool? I couldn't be any more excited today!

I've decided to give a "bumpdate" each Thursday on the blog as we progress week by week and share what's new and how baby nugget is doing! That way the family and friends I don't get to talk to often enough will have a general idea of how I'm doing and my blogging friends will too! This Thursday marks 13 weeks (time seems to be flying for sure)... so this post will serve as the 12 week mark!

Thanks for sharing in our joy about baby macd! We'll keep you posted!


  1. Congrats! I'm supre happy for you guys. I know you'll be great, Godly parents Hang on for the ride! :)

  2. I'm sooooooooo excited for you, my dearest friends!!!! Thanks for the updates! Praying for you! Love you!!!!


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