Bumpdate 14 weeks

This week baby has been full of ups and downs. Baby and I had a couple really rough days where not being near a bathroom was a pretty dangerous feat. We've also had a couple really good days where we were both happy with what I was eating and doing all day long. The bump hasn't really gotten much bigger because I'm not really gaining weight... I've actually only gained a couple pounds of the original 6 pounds I lost in the 5th and 6th week of pregnancy because I was so sick. I keep telling baby it's time to start craving food but it hasn't listened to me so far. Stubborn nugget. I'm hungry a lot of the time but I just don't crave anything. The baby has yet to really let me in on it's favorite foods as one day it'll like something and the next day baby will shoot that stuff out as fast as it went in. It's super annoying. I've decided once baby is here, I'll be making it eat all the healthy stuff it won't let me eat now. To get the extra calories in, this week I've been eating a couple tablespoons of peanut butter each day... which so far baby hasn't complained about.

I read today that our little nugget is starting to get hair on it's gumball sized head, it's still about the size of a kiwi, and that it's starting to squint and grimace and make facial expressions (hopefully happy ones soon).

This week I've also been shown over and over again how much love this baby has already. I have kids at the Cove that come up, rub my belly and ask "how's baby doing?", I have co-workers that don't let me do anything that's even remotely un-safe, friends that check in with me almost daily, and a husband that just takes the best best care of me all the time.

As a bonus, today for my birthday - baby and my belly were in perfect sync. It was such a nice change from this past week :)

Until next time...


  1. So glad things are still going well ... minus the nugget not telling you what he likes. Thanks for sharing all the joy with us! :)

  2. You are SO photogenic and beautiful! :)


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