Bumpdate 13 weeks

I'm already 13 weeks pregnant... how the heck that happened, I have no idea! 

Our lil' baby is about the size of a kiwi or a peach (depending on who you ask). 
Our baby seems to be growing pretty fast, so I'm guessing it's a small peach by now. 
Nugget has been super picky lately... making me gag on water if it's not the right temperature, not have any sugar (which isn't necessarily a bad thing), only allowing a little fruit & vegetables here and there. I've had to get a little sneaky this week to keep myself hydrated and happy. I found that making a couple quarts of mint flavored tea each morning to drink on throughout the day, has helped me drink the appropriate amount of water again. I also found a way to make my taste buds happy by finding a salty sweet - Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Caramel Squares. Baby is happy because of the salty and I'm happy with the sweet. Praise.The.Lord.  Otherwise baby is a pretty happy camper lately... 

Until next week, bump out!


  1. I did LOTS of peppermint tea for first trimester....anti-nausea and hydration all in one :D
    Congratulations!! Pregnancy will fly faster than you think. :D

  2. Wahoo! I'm so glad things are going well!!!


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