Sister Time

There's this little town named Danville about 20 minutes from my parent's house back in Indiana. It was where I spent a lot of my time as a teenager because most of my friends lived somewhere in or close to it and my church was there. Somehow though, I never spent more than a couple times walking the little town square. As you can see it has an old theater, pretty alleyways and the Mayberry Cafe with an old cop car parked out front. They also have a new coffee shop called "The Beehive" that my sister and I went and got coffee at before walking around for an hour taking pictures. We had a blast! It was really windy due to the storm that ended up forcing us to our car after a while, but the slightly overcast sky gave us the perfect lighting for some exploring with a camera. I think it'll become a regular thing when I visit now because we just had a lot of fun. My sister Helen is really goofy so I was laughing the entire time which made for some really "wrinkle nose" pictures. Also just look at her - she's drop dead gorgeous.

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  1. You BOTH are drop dead gorgeous! I am so jealous of how beautiful you are, Emily!!!! I love you and miss you!


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