Pic-i-nic Table

The beautiful centerpiece of my yard.

Prettiest stain ever - handpicked by me!

Seriously, I'm in love with the color of it!

This summer I've made it a goal to make my yard more than just a yard, I'm trying to make it pretty and party friendly and more of a retreat. So far my efforts are working - I sit outside as much as I can! One thing I knew I needed to do right off is have some seating for when we have our big cookouts and parties throughout the summer. I've always wanted a picnic table but didn't think we could afford one - some go for a couple hundred dollars or more [yikes!]. I bought some turquoise lawn chairs on sale last month but realized we still needed more seating and that I was still drooling over picnic tables I saw. I did some research and I found that you can buy kits at Lowe's and put one together yourself! WOOHOO! 

So a few weeks ago a couple friends and I built a picnic table as a surprise for Bear. It was such a fun project to do with friends and it was half the price of most of the picnic tables I had been seeing around. I also have the satisfaction of knowing "I helped build that", every time I see it.
I'm pretty much in love with it. I can't wait for our first big party of the summer to put it to good use.

In addition to the picnic table I also had some help in leveling and mulching the eyesore of my yard and have made it into a pretty little sitting area - shaded and all! I love it! I can't wait to share all the other yard and house projects I've been working on. There's nothing like making our house a home - I get so excited by it!

What's the best addition to your yard, so far this summer?

Picnic Table Kit - Lowe's /// Stain - Lowe's /// Lawn Chairs - Target

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  1. Wow! Your yard and your picnic table are beautiful!!! Way to go, Em! You are so beautiful and creative ... and now your home is too!

    Too much fun!!! :D


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