Loving... Dates with the husband. Double dates with our friends. Date nights out. Date nights in. Planned dates. Spontaneous dates. Going to the drive in. Burgers and ice cream. Late night food court and movie. Grilling out and eating at our picnic table. Hard cider & board games. Late night milkshakes. All of it is so good to have back and do again. It's kind of like being newlyweds again except better. We're having so much fun!

Wearing... As light of clothing as possible. Nashville summers are almost hotter than hell. Then you pair that with the fact that we've been doing a lot of outdoor work here at the Cove - holy smokes! You best believe there are no layers.

Remembering... How to cook for two again. I've been researching recipes that wil make both of us happy. Having almost a year to just make meals for me that were more plant based & fully spiced & seasoned was easy because I just had to take my cravings and tastes into account. Feeding two is taking a little more planning and it feels like I'm learning all over again. Barry eats primarily meat & dairy - two things I can't & don't wish to eat much of because of my health complications. I eat mostly fruit / vegetable & bean based dishes - none of which Barry gets too excited about. I've recently been experimenting with crock pot meals and I'm finding some recipes that will work for both of our tastes.
What's your favorite crock pot meal?

Clearing... At work we're currently in the process of clearing hoards of junk out of the building and storage areas. How we've accumulated so much stuff we don't need, I will never know! Thankfully though everyone seems to be in the same state of mind of giving a lot of unnecessary clutter & junk the boot. In light of that - if you have dumpster space available, I may hit you up ;)

Choosing... Whole food over processed junk. The couple weeks after Barry's homecoming we were invited over to several friends' & family's homes for dinner and we were taken out to eat far too often. Obviously here in The South - that meant a lot of really good food. A lot of it though just wasn't what I am used to eating as far as fat & calorie intake, so I've been putting a stop to that recently because as you read above - even our date nights aren't the healthiest, which means the more meals I'm intentional about, the better! Lots of salads & whole foods over highly processed boxed & frozen food for sure!

That's me in a nutshell this week... your turn!
What are YOU doing currently?

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  1. I'm so glad you're able to cook for two again ... I am thankful you have King Barry back with you again. Love you guys!


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