be still my heart - Lovebug

Earlier this past semester, one of my love bugs came up and wrapped her arms around me and just leaned on me while we hugged for at least five minutes. She was quiet at first so I just kissed her head and ran my fingers through her hair wondering if she'd tell me what was wrong.
All of the sudden she said - "Ms Emily I wish you were my real mommy. I wish you could adopt me and then you could take me home and neither of us would be lonely anymore. We could have sleepovers and watch movies and eat kettle corn - that's my favorite Ms Emily." "That's mine too, pumpkin". "Would you like that Ms Emily?" "Of course sweetheart... you know I would adopt you and take care of you if something ever happened to your parents. I would love for you to be mine." "Then I could be your real daughter. What do you think mommy?"
This conversation has never left my mind. All I want "my" kids to know at the end of the day is that I love every bit of them and nothing will change that and somehow, God loves them more than I ever could.


  1. Hi Emily. I love your blog and have been reading it for a while now. I just recently nominated you for the Liebster Award. It's a fun way to share blogs that you really enjoy reading! Check out my post here:
    if you would like to participate.

  2. Wow. This is beautiful. What a beautiful little girl, a beautiful "mommy" (YOU!), a beautiful place (Cottage Cove) for this little girl to be loved on), a beautiful testimony of God's love and faithfulness to work through you. I love you, Emily!


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