Summer 2013. Here we come!

This summer is going to be extra fun and full of even more adventure than usual because I'm getting my husband back! I've got a lot of places I want to take him that I discovered since he's been gone and a few places that are just natural date places for us that we haven't been able to do over the past year. I'm so excited... it's going to be one of the best summers. Part two of my bucket list for this summer is just full of adventurous things I love to do and think about doing when the weather is warmer and the sun is shining and my heart is full of life! Can't wait to get started on these!

Lovey-Dovey Bucketlist
The Pharmacy with my dreamboat. Massage / Spa day to de-stress from the deployment. 
I Dream of Weenie with my husband. Go Karting. Dress to the nines and go out on the 
town with the boy. Picnic at a new park. Hiking at Radnor Lake.  Mini Golf. 
Grill kebabs on our grill. Lover's Circle. Drive In Movie. Sleep under the stars.... or a less romantic way of putting it = Camping. Downtown galavanting. Make an indoor fort & watch movies all night. Go dancing with my man. Taylor Swift Anniversary Concert.

Summer Adventures
Canoing on the Buffalo. Weekend in Indy. Cliff jumping at Percy Priest. Surprises for Barry with Jared & Anna. Volleyball. Solo Trip.... haven't decided where to yet. Coffee date with my little sister. Girls Trip. Chattanooga day trip to see Jazzy. Farmer's Market. 
Four wheeling. Baseball game. Days by the lake soaking up the sun. Water balloon fights. 
Orange Leaf with Josh & Janice. Relient K concert. Kickball. Day Trip to Louisville to spend time with my big sis Myssi. Frost-bite with the goobers. Face painting. Meet precious Ivy Jane and see my favorite three year old Oliver. House-bursting-to-the-seams kind of cookout. Capture the Flag. Road Trip to Memphis to see the nugget of joy which is Anna Kate. 
Ice Cream Social... complete with matchmaking.

Summer Goal throughout all of this: Document moments like these with pictures.


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