Watching... I've been catching up on a lot of movies via Redbox. I didn't have a lot of time over the past few months to watch much and I had saved a couple to watch with Bear when he got home. In the past couple days I've seen Argo- which was interesting and good, but kind of boring as far as entertainment goes. About half way through I just finished it because I wanted to see how it ended.  We also watched Pitch Perfect [me for the umpteenth time and Bear for the first time]. At the moment I'm watching Gangster Squad and although the language and violence is a bit much for my taste [actually a lot much], but my prediction that Emma Stone & Ryan Gosling would make up for that, is so far true. We also finished the third season of Downton Abbey earlier this week and it put me in a melancholy mood for a few days. I think it's about time I watch a super happy movie before I slip into the depths of despair over here. haha.

Reading... Not much honestly. The past few weeks I've been working a lot of extra hours with mission groups, so I haven't had the energy to focus on a book when I get off from work [hence the increased movie watching]. When I've had the time and focus, I've been reading Harry Potter. It's been two years since I started reading the first book and I have yet to finish the series. I'm aiming to finish the couple I have left by the end of the year. In other news, it's quite possible that I'm the slowest reader of all time.

Eating... I've been eating whatever has been served to me the past three weeks. When we have mission groups in we serve them lunch and take them out to dinner... so unfortunately I've been eating a lot of things I normally wouldn't indulge in. It's time to stock the fridge with healthy eats again. I'm really craving a salad right now so that's what will soon be on my plate if I have anything to do with it!

Drinking... Green smoothies have made a comeback in my daily routine. I drink one for breakfast every morning. Peaches, Strawberries, Bananas & a little Spinach. YUM. Every day. I had to make up for my lunch & dinner in some way this month and it just so happens that it's become a habit again so win-win.

Learning... So much. I'm learning things about myself, things about relationships and people around me, things about Bear, things about leadership and what it is supposed to look like. Things like time management and learning to live as a couple again now that Barry is back. I honestly feel like I'm in learning overload right now which is both good and weird... but mostly good. I'm thankful for growth and learning lots.

What are you doing CURRENTLY?

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  1. What a fun post! I am stealing this idea for my blog! So glad you are learning and growing! You are amazing! And I love you!


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