be still my heart - Jamiah

"Mrs Emily, are you tender headed?" JWeb
"No not really, but be nice, please."
"Ya don't hurt Mrs Emily, ok?" JWal
"Oh I won't!" JWeb
"No one can hurt Mrs Emily... she's the SWEETEST person in the world" JWal

This conversation happened a few months ago when a few girls and I were just sitting and enjoying each other's company and I was busy beating myself up over things I really didn't need to worry about it.
These two girls saying the sweetest things to me turned my entire day around.

There is nothing like a child's perspective.
Take the time to talk with and just listen to a kid today.
I promise you won't regret it.

You may just hear about how a sweet five year old little girl wants to grow up
to be a princess with a castle so she can use her power to help people smile.


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