"Imperishable Beauty"

A few weeks ago I had a conversation with two of my dear friends about makeup and the hold it has on each of personally as well as the whole of women. It's sad, I was looking at two of the most beautiful women in my world and hearing how they feel pressured to wear makeup at all times [seriously if you saw the two people I'm talking about you'd tell 'em they're crazy for feeling that way].

Makeup has had a pretty big hold on my life since I was in high school - thankfully I had parents who didn't let me start wearing it until then. But once I started, it's been a self esteem matter ever since. I had really bad cystic acne as well as all the regular teenager acne, so I layered so much foundation on that once I wiped it off at night I felt like a different person. I then piled on blush and eyeshadows and mascara to the point that it was work washing my face each night. I wouldn't go out in public without the full deal on because I was convinced that my beauty lied in what my face looked like and if people saw the bare skin that I would be viewed as the ugly duckling. It was torture when I had sleepovers and had to wash it off before bed and deal with my friends seeing the real me. My family snapping pictures before I was primped would push me to the point of tears sometimes. I paid dearly for the "best" brands of makeup.

I was tangled up in the lie that beauty was what media showed me when it actually has nothing to do with it. I bought into thinking that if my face wasn't flawless than no one would give me a second glance.

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Here I am years later as a grown ass woman struggling with the same lie. Thinking I still have to spend a fortune on something I wash down the drain at the end of every day. Believing that no one will take time to get to know who I am inside if I don't look like everyone else on the outside.

It's obvious to me that this is one of the biggest and most subtle ways the devil smacks one of God's most beautiful creatures to the floor. We break so easily because our identity is so wrapped up in something that changes by culture and the day. Yet everyday we deprive ourselves of extra sleep for time to do up our faces.

1 Peter 3:3&4  
"3 Do not let your adorning be external—the braiding of hair and the putting on of gold jewelry, or the clothing you wear 4 but let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God's sight is very precious."

I used to be confused by this verse because some of the people around me put too much of a focus on the third verse. Now I understand the fourth verse is the most important. If we as women focus on what true beauty is, then the rest just kind of falls into place. It's obviously not a sin to wear makeup or do up our hair... as always it's about the heart of things. We shouldn't place our value and worth in what is on our face but by Who holds our heart.

I highly doubt that I'll be through learning these truths any time soon... but for now I'm spending a third of what I was on foundation and I'm trying to make my extra time in the mornings and evenings more about my Savior than my face painting habits. I can find joy in that growth.
I'm praying that by the time I have my own little girls wrestling with worth, I can be an example of that imperishable beauty.


  1. Tu esti frumoasa si te iubesc! Cinci zile! (You are beautiful and I love you! Five days!)


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