Ways to encourage people... especially those who don't feel very included or loved on. It's been fun. I was told once that I'm an encourager by nature so I'm trying to hone in on that and use it more often. It's fun writing letters and hiding surprises for people to find. Also just smiling can do a person good - so I've been waving to neighbors and smiling at people in the grocery store more and more. It's fun to see some people's reactions - they either get really creeped out or they get really giddy. One of those two... every time.

What  I eat. This week I loaded up my cart with all sorts of fruits and veggies I've been passing by lately in an effort to save money. Given, saving money is important but I've slacked on making sure my bill is covering fresh produce each week. I've been living off of beans and rice the past couple weeks so my body has been craving more colorful foods. I bought a bag of sugar snap peas that I've almost gone through in the course of 24 hours because they are SO GOOD. I also bought fresh strawberries, blueberries, grapes, mandarin oranges. YUM. I also kind of hate eating salad lately so I bought a new healthy vinagrette to make me look forward to them more and it's doing the trick! I had to go back to the store just today because I had already got through the box I bought on Sunday. PRAISE.

More and more anxious/excited for Barry's homecoming [I'm sure that comes as a surprise to no one]. It's going to be so good to have a husband near again. Confession: I think I'm pretty good at being independent, but regardless I really like being dependent on my sweetheart. I like having someone take care of me and someone loving me and building me up. I like it. My introvert nature makes it somewhat easier to be alone, but I'm definitely happier and better with him [ooooobviously]. My apologies for the sap, but I'm just really excited to have him home and starting loving him more recklessly than ever.

Multiply by Francis Chan. It's phenomenal. It's all about discipleship and how it should be done according to the Bible as well as how EVERY christian has the God ordained mission to be discipling the people God has placed in their lives. It's an incredibly convicting read. Every chapter I've gotten smacked around a bit by being shown how wrong I am in my thinking sometimes. I'm reading it and discussing it with a couple good friends of mine which really intensifies the conviction I get from the points he brings up and the scripture he suggests reading. It's made for doing it as a group study with questions and space to journal. 

Linking up this week with Harvesting Kale


  1. Clicked your link on Kale! Enjoyed your post. Sweet, simple, and touching. This was my first week to participate, so I don't think I got a photo on my link button! Oh well, I'll do better next week! Hope you hubby comes home soon, I can tell you miss him!

  2. Ha ha - creeped or giddy. Love it! That is so wonderful that you're being so purposeful about encouraging others. It sounds like it makes you quite happy, as well. :-) And hooray for Barry coming home soon!!!


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