Beauty Nuggets: Coconut Oil Moisturizer

My stubbornness caused me to miss out on this wonder for awhile now. I just didn't think putting oil on your face to combat other oil related problems could ever help. I'm happy to be proven wrong though.

In addition to the Miracle Mask I recently raved about, I've been using a dab of Coconut oil for my nightly moisturizer. It hasn't blocked my pores, in fact it's helped minimize them and keep my skin free and clear of blemishes and blotchy skin.

I will say I tried using it for daytime wear under my makeup and it didn't work very well simply because of the oily nature of it causes your makeup to come off really easy. I'm also experimenting with different foundations though - so it very well could work under some makeups.

Coconut Oil is amazing, it can be used for so many things. I think I may try "oil pulling" with it next. Anyone had any experience with it? It sounds weird but oddly enough intriguing.

What's your favorite use for Coconut Oil, when it comes to beautifying?

1 comment:

  1. Lol
    I'm obsessed with coconut oil right now. Use it in & for everything:)


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