At the moment  -  lots of homemade sweet mint tea. It hits the spot with all of this warm weather we've been having in Nashville and with the long days outside the past couple days, it's been my saving grace! I made it half caffeinated and as sweet as I could without making it unhealthy.

Yesterday I bought 6 loads of gravel for my driveway as well as a wheelbarrow to haul some of it around and help me clean up my yard. That's seriously the most money I've spent in one day in I don't know how long - maybe since buying a plane ticket or something. I don't know. Whew. It was painful to keep buying more and more, but thankfully with my new found [since Barry left] budgeting skills I had saved enough that I still have plenty of spending money for the month. PRAISE THE LORD!

Lately I've been driving back and forth on Ellington Parkway to go to I Dream of Weenie for lunch or Sunday brunch as often as possible! It's my favorite place to eat lately! The Pied Piper Creamery is right across the street to boot - so the out of the way trips there are definitely worth it!

This should probably be pretty obvious with the husband being deployed and all. Instead of stating how much i miss him for the umpteenth time I'll tell you about someone else I'm missing.
My friend Jen has been overseas in Romania for nearly four months working with orphans. I've been dealing with some crap that has made me really miss our crazy, frank conversations full of laughing and wine and the heart to tell each other when we're stupid or cry together when we're upset. I just miss all of it - But I get her home again in just 10 DAYS.

Did I mention how much I'm loving I Dream of Weenie? Because it's ridiculously delicious!

Thanks to my friend Kelli at She Learns As She Goes 
introducing me, I'm linking up with Harvesting Kale this week.

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  1. If you goal is to make me cry, than you are succeeding. :) I am in desperate need of our frank, heart to hearts as well. Almost there!!


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