Lately I've been thankful for
My yard is covered with pink and purple flowers. / I've worn flip flops out several times in the past couple weeks and i'm lovin it. / I got a wonderful sunburn yesterday. / One month until my Jen gets home. / I went three days without turning my air on and it was a blissful 70 degrees in the house. / My yard actually looks like a yard rather than a graveyard where trees go to die. /  Less than 4 months and I'll be in my husband's arms again. / Daylight Saving's gift to me in the form of sunsets I get to enjoy every evening. / A pile of sticks and thorns and cuts on my legs = a bonfire waiting to happen. / Sunshine oh beautiful sunshine.... you make my skies so much happier! 

Cheers to practicing thankfulness!


  1. I'm glad you call them purple flowers and not weeds. I like them, too.

    1. haha they're too pretty to be weeds in my opinion!


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