Spring Break

LaMontae & William

Be still my heart.

Spring break just ended for my kids. Somehow with only about a sixth of the children we normally have it was 10 times more exhausting. Capture the Flag was played for at least an hour almost everyday and apparently Cottage Cove attracts competitive people! However it's also more peaceful and low key because we don't have to rush around getting 60 kids through their homework.

I absolutely love break weeks for the kids because the munchkins are less stressed out from being in school for 8 hours and more just happy crazy kids who get to dress how they want instead of being in a uniform. Break weeks also give us more of a chance to spend one on one time with the kiddies and get to know more about them instead of just focusing on rush-rush-rush let's get homework done so you can go to this class and then hopefully get some time to run off your energy. We also get to see a lot more of our older students that are usually in school too long to come to regular program.

These two gigglebugs made my week that much sweeter. William had told me back before LaMontae started with us at Cottage Cove that they weren't friends. Now you can't keep them apart most days! 
Spring break also gave me a chance to get to know LaMontae a lot better and he told me after a few days that I was his best friend.... how lucky can a girl get, am I right?

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