New Sleeping Room

I think I've made it an unconscious challenge to myself to update or redo everything to do with my house / yard / shed before Barry gets back. So far I've repainted my bathroom and updated the colors and shower curtain. I've rearranged the furniture as well as matched the paint on all pieces in my living room. I've created a workout space and completely organized my shed. Now I've gone and switched bedrooms and painted the spare bed frame, gotten rid of furniture that wasted space and repainted the now master bedroom. It's finally my favorite room in the house... I've been sitting and reading a lot in the sunlit room and everything is so perfectly organized [can you tell I really like organizing?]... the greys and blues make it super calming and pretty! Can't wait for Barry to see it when he gets home :)
Here are some pics, I don't think they do it justice, but you get the idea!

[[from the doorway]]

[[pretty details]]

[[room for more color without an extra dresser in the way]]

[[my organizational skills]]

Oh and in case you were curious, here's a picture of my newly [well new this year] colored bathroom!

My next projects are for the yard and outside of our house, so hopefully the weather will cooperate and warm up soon so I can get started on it! What things are ya'll prettying up these days?

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  1. I flippin love all this btw. :) 30 days and I get to see it! :)


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