Meal Planning

It's incredibly easy [I've found] while living a single girl's life in my home to just be sloppy and not very purposeful in planning meals. I just end up scrounging... like all day, every day. I also eat out a lot more even when my house is full of groceries.

What does this mean for me?

#1 I've gained about five pounds [all in my belly i think] since last summer because of fatty takeout, large restaurant portions and too many snacks.

#2 I waste money in the form of throwing away spoiled food because I didn't eat in time.

So I held an intervention with myself this Sunday.  

#1 I made a pact to not eat out the rest of this week except for once on Saturday due to company being in town and wanting to experience Nashville cuisine.

#2 I also made a pact to not got to the grocery store for ANYTHING this week. Use what I have. The only exception being if I run out of lettuce or bananas or something like that.

#3 I tried my hand at meal planning... took stock of everything in my cabinets and cupboard, freezer and refrigerator. I sat down and planned every single meal. I did prep work so as to not find a single excuse later this week when something is thawed out. Side note: This also inspired me to reorganize all my cabinets which you'll see in the pictures because let me promise you, they aren't usually that organized.

#4 I also made sure each meal included a vegetable - except breakfast which includes most of my daily fruit servings. This is in hopes that I will fill up on lower calorie food and drop that 5 pounds like it's hot.

We'll see how this goes this week. I'm as excited as one can be going without Thai Phoo Ket or my beloved Gabby's. I just have to remind myself that they'll be around when I've gotten myself healthy and being a good steward of my groceries and grocery money. 

What are your best meal planning tips?


  1. I'm with you on the meal planning portion! I've gained 15 lbs over the past several months of my fast food "dieting". :( I suppose you could say that I held an "intervention" with myself yesterday as well. :)

    My plan is to meal plan before I do my groceries and then I make a list, and buy only what I need and nothing more. I also keep some "go-to" items in the freezer that take only a couple minutes to prepare for those days that I just can't be bothered with something more extraordinary.

    Hope it all works out with you! :)

    1. I've definitely found over the past few weeks that meal planning has helped me not only save money but definitely eat a lot healthier... I've even lost some weight in my belly.
      Hope your efforts are bringing good results for you too!


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