I was reminded this week by one of my babies what conviction should feel like.

The girl that calls me "Momma" and tells me all her deepest hurts and secrets said something mean to one of the adults at the Cove and I had to talk to her about it. I wasn't angry or upset in my heart or in my tone of voice, but as soon as I started talking with her about it and why it was wrong to tease someone just for being different than her she broke into quiet tears that soon became a flood of remorse. She felt she had disappointed me through what she had done and knew it wasn't how God, who she's just getting to know, would want her to treat others.

As I sat there looking into her usual bright and happy eyes seeing her heartbreak over what she had done I was reminded that this is what should happen when Jesus brings our sin into focus for us and tells us we should be acting differently. We should be striving for something better.
Our hearts should break over what we've done to displease our Savior just like my sweet little girl's did over the small thing she had done.

She apologized and was immediately met with forgiveness from the adult she had hurt and her tears were calmed. Just like we would be if we'd swallow our pride and turn from our sin into the arms of Christ.
I was and still am in awe of the picture of conviction and forgiveness and renewal God gave me through my sweet little girl.

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  1. I love this and all the character it reveals of God. I can not wait to get home and have our heart to hearts face to face. 20 days. :)


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