It is my sweetheart's and my THIRD wedding anniversary today... I got married three whole years ago as a twenty year old girl who didn't know much, but knew exactly who was she was meant to marry.

I literally can't comprehend where that time went. It feels like just yesterday I was up at an ungodly hour driving to the church to get ready for our wedding. It had snowed the night before and everything was like a winter wonderland - it was beautifully calming and just perfect.

 I didn't have a single twitch of nervousness or doubt, just utter peace and excitement. I was marrying the most PERFECT guy in the world for me. I was so in love with him I could not wait to walk down that aisle and vow to love him forever.

the first sight of one another that morning

My bridesmaids and closest friends were there with smiles and music and encouraging love [seriously couldn't have asked for a bridal party]. His groomsmen were some of the best that you can imagine. There was no better way to have started that morning.

Our friends were also all troopers as it was frigid that day
I teared up walking down that aisle. He teared up listening to me say my vows and saying his back. I couldn't stop smiling when we were pronounced husband and wife. Our reception was as laid back and crazy fun as they come full of people who helped shape both of our lives. Laughter was a common theme all day.

first kiss as husband and wife

first dance as a married couple
I've never been more sure of anything in my life than the fact that I had married someone who was going to love me for the rest of my life and that I would never waver in wanting to do the same.
Barry completes every piece of my heart that a husband is meant to fill!
He loves me unconditionally, he challenges me to be a better person, he fights for me and builds me up. He's everything to me. Even now as he's thousands of miles away, he feels closer than anyone because he hold my heart in a way no one else ever will.

A lot lately I still feel like that girl I was three years ago... thrilled and excited and at peace just waiting to see him and kiss him. I vowed to love him no matter what... through good times and bad, in sickness and in health, whether we're rich or poor, ALWAYS.
Let me tell you... it's the easiest thing I have done. Loving that man who i'm lucky enough to call mine has never been hard - even with him gone it's easy as pie!


  1. This is so happy. Love it. :)

  2. I remember that day! It was such a beautiful thing to see the two of you joined together as husband and wife. I also remember our windshield was cracked on the way up, in Louisville, I think. :-) Glad you both found each other! Happy belated anniversary!!


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