Completly Obsessed

I've been in pretty obsessive moods lately... I discover or re-discover something, get hooked and then I can't stop. So here's what I think you should get obsessed over with me!

Quite possibly one of the best shows I have ever seen... I only started watching it this month and I'm half way through season 4 [yes I still have a full time job]. I'm basically in love with Nathan and Haley and am convinced that they will be together forever. All the characters are pretty addictive though even though I'm pretty biased towards the two previously mentioned. The music throughout the entire series so far consists of my favorite songs over and over. I cry and smile every episode basically.

Tyler Ward has taken over my Pandora, Spotify, Youtube and ipod. His covers of songs are fantastic and his original songs are even better..... I have his music playing almost 24/7.

Decorating, painting, DIYing, re-arranging my house, making old things new, creating a calm throughout my home. It's all I've been doing lately. I should've taken pictures of my house before Barry shipped out so that when he gets back I can see everything I've done! I know it's already a whole lot.

Seriously ya'll... go do your taste buds a favor and pick these up next time you're at the grocery store. YUMM.


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