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One of my best friends flew over the ocean this week to live in Romania for three and half months...
Sara, Jen, and I are basically inseparable... we do just about everything together and are each other's constant dates and people to hang out with when everyone else has a hot date or a family thing... We give each other space and get up in each other's faces. We tell each other when the other one is being stupid or rude and we know we'll still be just as close of friends immediately following the conversation. We keep each other level headed and accountable. We get mad at each other and then make up with hugs and coffee. We share our joys and hurts. It's the perfect [ by being imperfect ] solid relationships with each other.

Jen-Jen [as we like to call her...[Sara started it]] is a constant in my life. She comes over and watches bad ion televisison and drinks tea with me when I'm sick. She's taught me how to dress better [thank the heavens]! She gives me a swift kick in the pants when I need it. She constantly challenges me and tells me she loves me. I literally don't know how I ever was without her.

The couple of weeks leading up to her leaving were emotionally draining and hard for me in many ways... and the day before one of the hardest days I've had in a long time... but I didn't know how much until we were saying our last [in person] goodbyes. Sara started us off by crying before we even SAID goodbye. Then Jen started and I teared up a little... still refusing to cry in front of even some of my closest friends. We ended up laying in Sara's bed snuggling and crying and laughing really hard at the ridiculousness of the situation [cause it's really only a little over 3 months... i mean, c'mon!!!]. When we FINALLY walked Jen out and we hugged her [what i thought would be] the last time I completely lost it. Like ugly, heaving, can't breathe, snot flowing, makeup coming off kind of crying... all over her shoulder, up in her hair... and then the two of them started crying all over again [but let's be fair, Sara never stopped!]. We cried and cried and Jen prayed over us, being the sweet sweet friend she is! It was one of the most emotional evenings of my life. Thankfully I have a couple of friends who rock my world by making sure we are all very loved!
What's three and a half months when you've got that kind of support system with each other?

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  1. Welp way to tell the internet all our secrets and make me cry again. ;) I freaking love you two. Seriously. I can't wait to see how the next couple of months go. Its going to be incredible!!


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