Riproaring Success!

So I didn't accomplish all that I wanted to this past year... but I accomplished a lot. A lot of dreams and desires switched gears to where some goals just really weren't that important or applicable. I had a blast this year though... I've made some really cool friendships and had a lot of amazing experiences as well as just enjoy a lot of wonderful things! So here are my 2012 Goals list in the black print and comments on them in the blue print! Time to make a list for 2013!
2012 Goals
 [more will be added as the year goes on, i'm sure]

1) Finish The Hunger Games Book Series
They were AMAHHZING! You should go read them RIGHT now!
2) Learn to fold a fitted sheet the proper way
Haha, it's sad that this didn't happen - i even had a friend offer to teach me and I didn't take her up on it! Oh well... things to learn in 2013!
3) Paint Guest Room
COMPLETE! It looks great! :)
4) Plan 2 photo shoots per month
This was a HUGE desire and passion at the beginning of 2012 because I had a fancy new camera and the desire to get out there. But God switched my heart around about half way through the year to focusing more on ministering to my kids.
5) De-clutter Craft Room
Parting with junk was NOT sweet sorrow - it was awesome! See here for post!
6) Cut Grocery Budget
Ok... so I kind of did this... I just didn't plan it out. I'm being more careful about what I place in my cart and counting up what things are costing as I go through the store. I'm also planning meals better! So I still count this one as a win!
7) Master my Lightroom editing software
8) Finish Harry Potter Book Series
Whew. I just got really bored with these once I hit the 5th book. I'm still going to finish the series because that's just in my nature and a pretty strict quirk I have... but I'm going to take my time so that I can enjoy them!
9) Wear dresses more often
SUCCESS - take a look-see :)
10) Work up to an hour long workout 4-5 x a week
BOOOOOO. I will accomplish this by summer time this year... I have a treadmill and a home gym set up! I do not have the weather or my scary neighborhood as an excuse anymore!
11) Take a walk on the Riverfront downtown
Fun times with Sara and Katlyn to be sure!
12) Blog twice a week
Well my 365 blog counted right?
13) Go to The Village Pub with Jen
It was deeeelicious and definitely a place I'll frequent :) See here for pics!
14) Learn Manual Mode backwards and forwards on my camera
I'm still learning.... it's a slow process, but I've grown a lot through my 365 project and am looking forward to continuing to grow!
15) Launch photo ministry idea
As previously stated, my heart switched gears! I did help with an organization similar to the dream in my heart this year. Maybe one day this will be an additional part of my ministry!
16) Paint Craft Room
I'm still waiting for some furniture to be moved so that I can do this! 
17) Experiment with homemade cleaning products
Definitely worth the experimentation! I'll have to share my tried and tested finds with you all soon!
18) Go camping overnight [in a tent]
DONE! It was SO much fun - See here for pics :)
19) Visit Chicago and spend an entire afternoon at The Museum of Science and Industry
I'm so sad, but we didn't make it to Chicago this year. I am however planning a trip for springtime!
20) Meet my 6 surrounding neighbors
We did this on Easter weekend. Some of our neighbors weren't home that weekend - but we ended up meeting everyone by year end. It's nice to know everyone's names and know who is friendly and who would rather me leave cookies on the step than meet us!
21) Go Rappelling 
HUMBUG. I was really sad no one wanted to get a trip together to do this. I'll try again this year!
22) Take a 4-wheeling adventure with my husband
To be fair, I lost my husband to the army half way through the year... who's to say that if he had been here, we wouldn't of done this? Am I right? haha We'll try this fall!
23) Visit Mancilla's in Florida
Extenuating circumstances caused them to move back to Indiana for a time! But when they're back in Sarasota, you best believe I'll have my booty down there!
24) Cliff Jumping
Once again couldn't convince anyone to go with me... and as you can imagine it's not a safe solo activity!
25) Read a non-fiction book each month
26) Take a trip to the Michigan Dunes
I went to Michigan and spent a day exploring by myself but the dunes were like 3 hrs away...
27) Rent a cabin for the weekend in Gatlinburg
It was quite the adventure ziplining and zorbing with a bunch of Canadian friends!
28) Take an all girls trip
Kings Island baby! So much fun getting to know the girls I went with!
29) Cave exploring in Kentucky
Once again... this wouldn't be that much fun alone.... one of these days though!
30) Be self-employed by 2013
What can I say, a lot can change in a year....

Well I got nearly half of my goals accomplished! I have to say I'm pretty proud of that fact... especially considering the amount of goals I set in the first place! I also accomplished a lot of monthly goals... so it was a successful year in every sense of the word, I'd say!
I'm just super excited about this year! It's going to be one of the best yet I'm pretty certain!


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